Admission Criteria

(1)     The final results depend on the interview performance of applicants.
(2)     Priority is given to the siblings of our current students or graduates of our school.
(3)     Children whose parent(s) is/are the alumni of our school are also favourably considered.
(4)     Our school may also give due priority considerations to applicants from households with special needs. (such as working parents, single-parent households, parents having to look after several young children, households with family members suffering from illness, reference by social workers, etc.)
(5)     Children’s age group consideration. (e.g. If there is vacancy for N1 class 2 to 3 year-old group, only applicants eligible for this age group will be considered.)
(6)    If there are a high number of applicants of the same background (e.g. age, family needs, etc.), application submission order will be considered.
(7)    As there are limited places, the school board of administration reserves all final rights.