Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

Introduction of PTA

In 2007, our school invited a lecturer from The Education University of Hong Kong as the consultant of PTA, as well as giving a series of workshops for parents and teachers committees to fully understand the objectives and targets of the PTA. In February 2008, the Parent-teacher Association (PTA) was officially established.


The 7th Parent-teacher Association (PTA) Committee List:


Parents Committees:

Chair-person: Mr.Tsang Tsz Fung; Parent of K3 Tsang Hei Ching
Vice Chair-person: Mr.Yeung Kwok Hei; Parent of K3 Yeung Wan Lam
Financial Secretary: Mrs.Chan Chau Yuet; Parent of K2 Yang Shing Hei
Secretary: Mrs.Fan Kin Lai; Parent of K2 Tse Chun Lok
Social Secretary: Mrs.Lam Tse Ha; Parent of K2 Chan Hoi Yau


Teacher Committees:

Consultant: Leung Sau Ying ,Emil


Vice Chair-person: Lam Chui Fan

(Senior Teacher)

Financial Secretary: Qiu Chun Mei


Secretary: Hung Suet Ha

(Senior Teacher)

Social Secretary: Wong Mei Kuen




Calendar of PTA

7th Parent-teacher Association
Calendar of 2020-2021

September Recruit Members
October Parents’ Talk
December 7th General Meeting of PTA & Christmas Celebration Party
January Spring Family Picnic
March Family Sports Day
April & May Parents Appreciation Day
June Art Fair


* The PTA will invite the social worker of Pui Yan to hold a Parents’ Talk on family issues.


Events of PTA


Subject Talks & Parents’ Meeting
General Meeting of PTA & Christmas Celebration Party
Family Picnic
Family Sports Day
Parents Appreciation Day
Art Fair


Constitution of Parent-teacher Association