School Values

Curriculum Design

  1. Our kindergarten follows the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide set by the Education Bureau, aiming to provide true experiences for 2-6 years old children in our curriculum, covering the aspects of spirit, virtue, physical health, intellectual development, language ability, social development, art and emotion development. Our kindergarten recently launched the morning exercise before breakfast time.
  2. The design of our curriculum is based on children themselves, including knowledge exploration, skills training, virtue and spirit cultivation. For instance, we cultivate children to build Christ’s love through the activity of “Getting Close with God”.
  3. Our kindergarten promotes the “Family Reading Activity”, which encourages children to build a reading habit. We arrange diverse activities, such as birthday parties, family picnics, visitings, visit to the Traffic safety city, The Boy’s Brigade, lunar new year fair, and sports day, in order to broaden their learning horizons.
  4. Our kindergarten taught in small class sizes with a comprehensive and content-based teaching method, which strengthened the knowledge of children and encouraged them to explore learning at the same time. We value the interaction of teachers and students as it encourages children to learn in class. To fully understand the learning outcome of children, we hold comprehensive and continuous assessments and we meet our parents from time to time.


Student Support

  1. In order to help children in adapting school life, we specially design the “progressive time-table” for our N1 and K1 children and invite parents going into the lessons, as it helps to alleviate children’s anxiety in early school period.
  2. We offer “P1 Trail” and visits to Primary schools in order to support K3 children both mentally and physically as they will be promoted to primary schools soon in time.


On-site Social Worker & Parent’s Work

Our kindergarten values parent-teacher cooperation. We hold Parents’ Talks and Parents Day regularly. Parents’ Talk aims to provide knowledge about how to nurture children; while Parents’ Day aims to help parents to know more about our kindergarten and children’s performances both at school and at home.


Support for Non-Chinese speaking and Newly-arrived Children

Considering the fact that non-chinese speaking and newly-arrived children have different starting points and needs on learning Chinese, we teach with appropriate methods to fit their learning variety. Our immersed Chinese language environment helps them integrate into school life.
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